Pretty much every one out there has wanted to make a video at some point from a wedding, a graduation and so on, but who has the time to learn a difficult video editing program for this one time event? Enter Flixtime.

A joint effort by the folks from AudioMicro and Fotolia, Flixtime is a site that allows you to import your own photos and videos, as well as use some royalty free options from Fotolia, and then set them to music provided by AudioMicro to produce a high definition video to share with friends and family.

That really is it.  In about three minutes you can create a free 60-second video to do with as you please, and due to the royalty free nature of the music and photos you may use as filler, you have no concerns about copyright infringement when you place your video on a site such as YouTube.

“We have been getting more and more demand from users who want a tool that easily creates stunning videos by using images and text. Companies from all over the world have video needs, whether for websites, projects, or presentations. Until now, production costs were very high,” says Fotolia and Flixtime CEO Oleg Tscheltzoff. “Just like we democratized stock images on Fotolia by offering images for under $1 USD, we have made videos accessible and affordable to countless companies. Instead of investing tons of money in equipment, talent, and a location to produce videos, our users can simply use their content, or the images and music provided by Flixtime, to create the videos they envision.”

Ryan Born, CEO of AudioMicro says, “We are very pleased to partner with Flixtime to provide the music for such an amazing technology. With just one click, Flixtime users can bring energy and emotion to their videos by adding music. We’ve supplied a handpicked selection, spanning nearly every musical genre and style. With tracks for everyone, Flixtime users are sure to have the perfect soundtrack and take their videos to the next level.”

It’s worth a definite look, and if all you need to do is make one video, there isn’t a whole lot of reason to go anywhere else.

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audiomicroApparently the stock sound effects and music business is booming if the latest news from AudioMicro is anything to judge by.

AudioMicro is a leading source for royalty free music that you can download to include in videos, podcasts and so on that we have written about several times before.  Today the company is announcing that it has added nearly 20,000 production audio tracks from the vaults of Hollywood in a new collection called “The Platinum Collection.”

This new collection are all tracks that were previously available to Hollywood productions, and this is the first time they are being offered in such a way that even people producing video from their basements can afford to use them in a production.  “When we launched our first high end collection in October, we received overwhelming positive feedback from the community about its unprecedented quality, size, and scope”, said AudioMicro CEO Ryan Born.  “We are excited to enhance our archive of premium content with 20,000 new tracks in the Platinum Collection.”

With the addition of these new tracks, AudioMicro is now offering over 200,000 music tracks and sound effects for use royalty free in productions.  If you’re producing a podcast of videocast, this site is a must visit.

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audiomicroAudioMicro, a well-know stock audio site, had today announced that is adding 13,000 musical score tracks.

While AudioMicro has always had a wide-selection of royalty free music, the new assortment of musical tracks are much more in the vein of musical scores for films. Known as “The Premium Collection”, the new assortment of music ranges from just a few seconds in length to over 5 minutes.

“The Premium Collection is a big step forward for us,” said AudioMicro Founder Ryan Born. “In addition to our superb collection of user-generated content, we can now deliver, on-demand, thousands of production music tracks created by one of the world’s most respected record labels. Our users will be excited by the unprecedented quality, size and scope of this collection.”

We got the opportunity to take an early look at the collection and were pleasantly surprised by the quality and range of what was up for offer.  We aren’t going to say every track is a winner (some of them sound like rejected tracks from low-grade 80′s films), but overall the music if of a very high quality.

Considering how copyright holders are cracking down more and more on music usage around the Internet, these new tracks could be a dream come true for those wishing to video podcasts, short films and so on.  No more tinny sounding things pumped out of your computer, or professional songs that could get you sued. Royalty free music is definitely the way to go.

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audiomicroAudioMicro has added 55,000 new sound effects to its already massive catalog of music and sounds, but this new batch has an added edge in that they are all ones you’ve probably heard before.

Up until now AudioMicro has had only a smattering of professional music and sound effects, but with the announcement of a new partnership with The Hollywood Edge sound library, users now have access to over 55,000 sound effects from movies such as Kill Bill, Braveheart and Fast and Furious to name just a few.

These new, professionally created, sounds have the same pricing as any other clip on the site, and they also have the standard royalty-free licensing that all of the other clips on the site have.

In the day and age where videos are getting pulled off of sites like YouTube at an ever increasing rate due to copyright issues, royalty free is the way to go for your music and sound effects.  Who wants to pour all that work in to a video just to have it pulled down over a five second sound of a sword whipping through the air?

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audiomicroAudioMicro, the leading marketplace for royalty free stock music ad sound effects, has relaunched with a new interface, and a partnership with SlideRocket, a presentation production company.

AudioMicro has completely updated their site with new features such as embeddable tracks that you can share on sites such as MySpace or blogs, new search features and an API that will allow designers to work with their extensive library of royalty free music and sound effects.

The first company to take advantage of the new API is SlideRocket, a site focused on helping you build presentations for school or work.  With the addition of the AudioMicro catalog, you will now have an extensive selection of music and sound effects you can add to your presentation to make the most lasting impression possible.

To help celebrate the launch of their redesigned site, AudioMicro has graciously given StarterTech a treat today: the first 10 readers to sign up for the service using the promotion code “STARTERTECH2” get access to 2 free downloads credits (an $8.99 value).  Just go to the site, click the sign up button and enter the code in the promo code box.

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audiomicroAudioMicro, the royalty free music provider, has teamed up with the Blastwave FX Sound Effects Library to add 32,000 more sound effects to their library.

Just last month we brought you the news that AudioMicro had teamed up with Family Guy composer Ron Jones to add 170 original pieces of music to their library, and now they are bringing content producers a whopping 32,000 sound effects. This new collection of sounds brings things such as ambience, animals, impacts, guns, science fiction, whooshes and more to the collection, royalty free, for those looking to make their own videos for sites such as YouTube.

Royalty free music and sound effects have become a more vital part of the online video landscape due to copyright holders looking harder and harder at unlicensed use of their works on various sites.  This has been a quick way to get videos you may have labored on tirelessly for days to be removed from a lot of sites.  Luckily if you pay for royalty free music, this will never be a concern for you, and as odd as it may sound to some people, even hearing a gun fire can be a copyrighted work.

This is probably going to become a bigger issue in the coming years due to the ease with which people can make videos now.  With cameras such as the Flip, which just about anyone can easily run, people are producing videos in unimaginable numbers.  So if you feel the need to add a slipping sound to your father falling down while shoveling snow, just make sure it is one you have the right to use.

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marchMarch was one of of our best months yet here on StarterTech, and here are the top 5 posts that our readers enjoyed the most.

Twitter Cartoon Explains It All -Apparently people really like the idea of a cartoon explaining how Twitter works… or the just like the idea of the Fail Whale randomly attacking people.

AudioMicro Teams With “Family Guy” Composer, And Brings Their Library To 50,000 Tracks -This was big news for AudioMicro to secure original music from Ron Jones, the composer for Family Guy.

Celebrities Flocking To Twitter And Over Sharing -Celebrities seem to be appearing in droves on Twitter as of late, but with that comes far more information than you wanted to know about most of them.

Gmail Adds Two New FeaturesGoogle just can’t seem to stop adding new features to Gmail as of late.  The latest features are Undo and YouTube video previews.  Undo is a so-so type of add-on, but the video preview is fantastic.

Apple Announces iPhone OS 3.0 Features -Apple had a lot of new features to announce for iPhone OS 3.0, and while it seems silly copy-and-paste would be the thing to excite people the most… it was.

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audiomicroAudioMicro, a popular source for royalty free music, has announced that they will be adding 170 original compositions by the composer for Family Guy, Ron Jones.

With the recent news that YouTube has muted the audio on certain videos due to copyright problems with the rights holders, stock music is becoming a growing option for people who create videos, podcasts, presentations and more.  Now it seems that composers are liking this option as well, as evidenced by someone like Ron Jones, the  Emmy-nominated composer of the television series Family Guy, placing 170 of his original compositions on a site such as AudioMicro.

For those unfamiliar with the AudioMicro style of company, you pay as little as a $1 a minute for audio clips that can be anything from audio cues and bumpers up to full compositions lasting several minutes.  This gives content creators the freedom to create whatever they want with appropriate background music, and they don’t have to worry about someone coming in and saying they violated their copyright.  Mr. Jones also feels that this is a good thing for the composers as he said, “With this service the composer can bypass the middleman and go directly to the end-user. That is a huge leap forward for composers. You can decide what you want to create and get it out there today. That is freedom. This is a revolution.”

With the addition of these 170 new tracks, the AudioMicro library now surpasses 50,000 available pieces of music and sound effects covering a wide-range of musical styles.

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