If you’ve ever wanted thought to yourself, “I wish I could watch high definition television programming on a bright yellow television set …”, your dreams have come true.

Marvel Entertainment, formerly known as Marvel Comics, has teamed up with RTC23 to release a line of LCD and LED high definition television sets.  Each unit is themed around a different famous Marvel character, and will show their name and images of them on the frame, and will also show pictures of the character during the start up process and on menu pages.

The TVs, which can also double as computer monitors, come in sizes of 22, 32, 42 and 55-inch  for the LCDs and 40 and 46-inch versions for the LED.  Some of the characters also come with options for different colored bodies  like the yellow one shown here also comes in blue and black.

Depending on model and size, prices range from $339 to $1989.

While this is cute and kinds funny, call us old sticks in the mud if you must, but isn’t the performance of the television more important than the comic book character slapped on it?  We know nothing about the quality of the RTC23 units, but we just can’t see the point in the garish colors, and won’t you get bored with seeing the same images of the characters over and over again?  Our suggestion would be, as always, look at reviews and shop for quality over some gimmick that seems rather pointless to us.

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Are you ready to start seeing your television in 3D all the time?  Ready to start straining your eyes on a regular basis?

Panasonic 3D TVs will be hitting the shelves at Best Buy on Wednesday for around $2500.  The question is if you even need this technology in your life?

Personally I see 3D as a fad.  It has come and gone over the years, and while it may be nifty to go to a 3D movie from time to time, do you really want to have to wear those glasses all the time you’re in your own home?  (and, by the way, your $2500 only gets you one pair of glasses, so be ready to pick up more sets)  You know how some people have gotten headaches from watching Avatar?  Imagine doing that every night while you watch television?  No thanks.

When you add in th fact that people are still in the adoption process of HD TV sets, this was not the time to introduce a whole different set of technology.  Even if you have an HD TV already, you haven’t had it that terribly long in most cases, are you ready to plop down money again so soon for a technology that will be even more limited?

While the home electronics industry seems to think we’re ready for this, and I simply say we aren’t.  I have no desire to sit around with glasses on in my own home on a regular basis just to watch TV.  Thanks, but no thanks to all of the electronics companies that are so excited about this, but it just isn’t for me.  And, honestly, I think the electronics companies are going to find I’m not alone.

Categories: Home Electronics, televisions   
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