Securing your name online can be as important as finding a physical location for a business, luckily TweExchange is aiming to help you out.

While there have been services out there for ages now that will help you with locating an unclaimed domain name, and there have also been a few to check for unusued Twitter names, no one has merged the two into one service before.  TweExchange is a new direction for a site that used to auction off desirable Twitter usernames (much to Twitter’s chagrin), but now they are all about helping you choose your online identity while you are still in the brainstorming phase.

The site is amazingly handy when you’re trying to decide on a name for your new online site.  Where you only used to have to worry about the domain name, now you also want a name that you can secure on the social networking site Twitter.  The site starts working almost immediately as you type each letter, showing you possible variations for both domains and Twitter names as you go.  Once you find one you like, you can register the domain via the built in link to the GoDaddy domain name service, and you can also click the link to go to Twitter and register the user name.  (click the image below for a larger view of what the results look like)

The site is simple, straight forward and a breeze to use.  If you want to start fresh with another search, just make sure to click the “Clear results” link below the “Search” button or else you get a jumbling of your previous search results along with the new ones.  As someone who dreams up a lot of sites, but doesn’t always get around to launching them, this site is going to be extremely useful to me.  If you want to launch a totally new online presence, this site should be invaluable to you, so make sure to bookmark it.

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Have you ever wished you could rent eleven books at a time through the mail? Well, now you can … and we’re still trying to figure out why you would.

The concept of BookSwim is exactly like that of Netflix in that you pick a plan for the number of books you would like to check out at any given time.  You can choose 1 book, 3 books, 5 books, 7 books and 11 books, and all of them offer free shipping both directions except for the one book at a time plan.  If you find you really enjoyed a book, and would like to keep it, you do have the option of purchasing the book without having to send it back.

While we understand the lure of Netflix, and have a subscription here at the office that  we love, your average movie is two hours in length, you can quickly turn over your rentals to get the most out of your subscription.  Unless you are a speed reader, getting the maximum return on investment out of your subscription would be difficult at best.  There are advantages in instances where you are in situations like being a student and you need a certain book (BookSwim also offers textbook rentals via a partnership with, you live in a small town with no library, you are shut in for some reason and so on.  Even at this though, the monthly memberships range from $9.95  a month to $59.95 a month, so it still seems hard to believe that very many people will ever be able to use this service enough to get their monies worth out of it.

With the explosion of e-readers that allow for instantaneous book delivery, and even some allowing for you to loan books to friends, as well as huge collections of free books you can read, this service is just a bit lost on us.  We see a lot of value in the textbook rental service for college students, but as we said, that is done with a partnership with, so you can just go through them directly.

If you love BookSwim, and find it useful, more power to you, but we have to say we don’t picture this site having an extremely long life.

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