Since we started this site in March 2008, 2009 was out first full year of operation, and we thought it woul dbe fun to take a look back at which posts were the most read of the year.

Yes Virginia, Social Media Can Cost You Your Job

This was the story of an employee who complained about their job on Facebook … and forgot that she was friended with her boss on the social network.  According to the story, she was fired for her comments, and I can’t say as I blame her boss.  Take a valuable lesson from this one folks.

Can Social Media Destroy Your Relationship?

Social media is a wonderful thing, but if you devote too much time to it, you could possibly cost you your real life relationships.  Always take into account that you need to spend some time with those you love and care for in real life also, and not spend all of your time online.

Hudson River Landing Game Sweeps The Internet

After the amazing landing in the Hudson River last Jan., there was a Flash game released, and apparently everyone wanted to see if they could do as good a job as Capt. Sully.

Judge Orders Google To Deactivate User’s Gmail Account

This was a fascinating story about how a man received an email not attended for him and it led to legal problems for him even though he had in no way been involved in the email being sent incorrectly.  A very sobering story that makes you wonder about the safety of information you store online.

Twitter Cartoon Explains It All

Twitter was every where this year, and leave it to a cartoon to be potentially the best explanation of what the service is and what it does to people that live outside of the tech blogosphere.  And for those that already use the service, it was just darn amusing.

Here is to a great 2010, and more posts that we hope you will all enjoy!

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septemberAnother month, another list of our top posts for the past month, in this case, September.

Judge Orders Google To Deactivate User’s Gmail Account – Not too surprised by this story being the top post of the month, and glad to see it is as it was an important story.  The decision by this judge to order Google to cut off the owner of a Gmail account for nothing that was their fault was a chilling wake-up call for people who live on the Internet.

WordPress Blogs Must Be Updated Immediately – Yet another example of how you need to keep up with security alerts from the makers of the software you use.  All previous versions of WordPress had been compromised, but a simple upgrade to version 2.8.4 made a quick fix of it.

Who Do You Blame When Your Blog Gets Hacked? – And then a follow-up to the previous post that not everyone took kindly to.

AT&T Launches 3G MicroCell To Boost Signals – And at long last AT&T is the final major cell carrier to launch an in-home femtocel solution.

Monopoly City Streets Coming September 9th – When you merge a huge global brand name like Monopoly with another huge global brand name like Google, of course people are going to be intrigued.

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augustIt’s amazing how time flies! Here are the top stories from August that you may still find interesting.

Yes Virginia, Social Media Can Cost You Your Job – Complain about your boss on Facebook while he is a friend and can see it … good way to get yourself fired.

TomTom GPS Launches For The iPhone For Outrageous Price – One of the only posts ever on StarterTech to generate argumentative comments, but I still stand by what I said.

Now Is Not The Time To Buy An iPod – The day after I posted this, a follower on my personal Twitter account announced that he had just bought an iPod Touch … I got him to return it.

Yahoo Helps You Measure Your Twitter Mojo – For whatever reason, Yahoo wants to let you know how you stand up against other Twitter users, but it seemed to interest people.

Starbucks Embraces Its Wi-Fi Users – While other coffee shops are kicking out Wi-Fi users, Starbucks is embracing them.

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julyComing off of the coolest July on record, it seems a lot of people were wanting to read about tech this past month, so lets jump right in and see what stories you found the most important!

Microsoft Issues Emergency Security Bulletin For Internet Explorer – It’s good to see that so many people took this Microsoft announcement of a critical flaw in Internet Explorer so seriously.  Hopefully you’ve all updated by now.

Gmail Adds Drag And Drop Labels – I’m amazed how much better this has made my experience in Gmail.  Just being able o drag things where they need to go as opposed to using drop down menus has greatly sped up my time in my inbox.

Windows XP Upgrade To Windows 7 Will Not Be Easy – It’s unfortunate news, but not terribly unexpected.  Guess Windows XP users will just have to wait for when they buy their next computer.

New Apple Tablet Rumors Suggest There Is More Going On Then We Knew – The Apple tablet is either going to be a huge success or it will be that “also ran” product like Apple TV: in other words, a loyal, but small, user base.

Internet Explorer 6 Just Won’t Die – Just an opinion piece, but it is something that needs to be said repeatedly until people stop using it.

Have a good August every one!

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juneIt’s almost impossible to believe that the year is half over. From here on out it is a rocket slide ride to the holiday shopping season which means… NEW GADGETS! Course you can’t afford all that you want, but it sure is fun to dream about all of them and how much you’d like to have them.

With that being said, lets take a look at what held everyone’s interest in June.

Google Finally Sending Out More Google Voice Invites – It’s about time that Google Voice got to be better known.  We’ve been using it here at StarterTech for ages now (under the name Grand Central), and we absolutely love it.  Hopefully the rest of you will also.

Conan O’Brien’s Twitter Tracker Seems Here To Stay – We have to admit we find this sketch hilarious, but then again, we know what Twitter is.  You have to wonder how this is playing with the majority of The Tonight Show audience that has no clue what is going on, or why this is funny.

What Is A Browser – One of those questions that seems so simple, but then Google has to go and show with random street interviews that most people have no idea.

Proposed Hotlinking Lawsuit Boggles The Mind – Sometimes you hear about a lawsuit so stupid that you can’t believe any lawyer agreed to take the case.  This is most assuradly one of those times.

#blamedrewscancer Is The Cure For All Your Woes – We #blamedrewscancer for this story being popular. Seriously, go read the story if you haven’t heard about it, it’s for a good cause.

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mayMay is already over?!? Where is this year going? All that aside, it’s time for another list of the top posts on StarterTech for the month.

Microsoft Tells Companies To Skip Vista – I’m not horribly surprised this was the top post as it is about time Microsoft finally said something, anything, about Vista being a mistake.  Sure it wasn’t a full admission, but at least it was something.

Technology And Tornadoes – It never hurts to find out how technology can help you in a natural disaster, just wish we hadn’t figured out some of this first hand.

Windows 7 Release Candidate Now Available – Interest in Windows 7 is reaching a fever pitch, and the fact you can use it now, for free?  Of course people are excited.

Static Electricity And Your Computer – A follow-up to the Kirksille tornado that I wrote about earlier.  It was interesting to see what static electricity could do to a computer and how to fix it.

Google Wave May Be A Game Changer – Google Eave is going to be an exciting product any way you slice it, the only burning question now is, “when?”

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aprilApril showers bring May flowers… and another list of the top posts on StarterTech for the month.

The Conficker Eye Chart Lets You Quickly See If You’re Infected -A great test for seeing if your computers are infected with the Conficker worm.  This should be a must check for just about everybody out there, and tests don’t get simpler than this one.

How To Transfer Old Videos To Your Computer -Our very first guest post, and a great one about how to get all those old videos of yours onto your computer to share with friends and family.

Gmail Adds Image Embedding -It took long enough for Google to finally add image embedding to their popular Gmail product, but at least it’s finally here.

Stanford University Offers Free iPhone Application Development Class – With the money some people are making from iPhone apps, it isn’t surprising that people want to learn how to do it, it’s just shocking when a major university will do it for free.

Oprah Comes To Twitter On Friday; Fail Whale Sightings A Given? -You know something has hit the mainstream when Oprah talks about it, and that is exactly what happened this month with Twitter.  prepare to hear that site name a lot more this year.

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one year oldIt’s difficult to believe, but is already one-year-old!

In the midst of all out other blogging this week, we totally missed our own birthday!  StarterTech launched on April 12th, 2008, and what a quick year it was!  In celebration of this we thought we’d do a little variation on our usual “Top 5 Posts Of The Month” posts, and take a look at what the five most read posts of the past 12 months were.

What Is Remote Backup – So glad to see this post as #1 because everyone should back up their systems in some way, and remote backups are our favorite method!  This is also the type of post we created this blog for as we feel everyone should be able to understand the ever changing world of technology.

The Second Ad With Jerry Seinfeld And Bill Gates For Microsoft -This could have also been named as “The Last Ad With Jerry Seinfeld And Bill Gates For Microsoft” because they dropped the ad campaign after this one.

What Is Google Desktop -This is another one of those pieces of software out there that you hear people talk about, but you aren’t quite sure what it is, or what it does.  There is no shame in that, and that’s what we’re here for.

Twitter Privacy Breach Found -It is never comforting to think that your private communications are out there for the world to see, and it happened on Twitter not all that long ago.  Luckily they fixed the problem fairly quickly, but it was still pretty unsettling to think about.

Hudson River Landing Game Sweeps The Internet -Everyone should take time out to play a game once in awhile, just too bad this one was obviously so rushed.

Here is looking forward to many more years to come, and, as always, if you have something you would like to see us cover here, make sure to drop us a note!

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marchMarch was one of of our best months yet here on StarterTech, and here are the top 5 posts that our readers enjoyed the most.

Twitter Cartoon Explains It All -Apparently people really like the idea of a cartoon explaining how Twitter works… or the just like the idea of the Fail Whale randomly attacking people.

AudioMicro Teams With “Family Guy” Composer, And Brings Their Library To 50,000 Tracks -This was big news for AudioMicro to secure original music from Ron Jones, the composer for Family Guy.

Celebrities Flocking To Twitter And Over Sharing -Celebrities seem to be appearing in droves on Twitter as of late, but with that comes far more information than you wanted to know about most of them.

Gmail Adds Two New FeaturesGoogle just can’t seem to stop adding new features to Gmail as of late.  The latest features are Undo and YouTube video previews.  Undo is a so-so type of add-on, but the video preview is fantastic.

Apple Announces iPhone OS 3.0 Features -Apple had a lot of new features to announce for iPhone OS 3.0, and while it seems silly copy-and-paste would be the thing to excite people the most… it was.

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februaryWhile we normally do this on the first of the month, there was just too much news this month, So, better late than never, here are the top posts on StarterTech for February 2009.

Gmail Now Lets You Choose Your Own Colors – Google continues to add new features to their popular Gmail product, and apparently people are really excited about picking their own color scheme now.

TrueScoop Proves Your Privacy Is An Illusion – TrueScoop giving you the ability to snoop on public records of anyone via a Facebook application is scary and popular.

Google Talk Under Phishing Attack – Phishing attacks are never a good thing, and the fact that Google Talk came under attack just proves that it can happen anywhere on the Web. Remember to always be mindful of how you handle your online information, folks.

Facebook Being Invaded By Parents – Is there anything more frightening then your parents finding you online? Probably not, and it is happening in greater numbers of late on Facebook.

Edit Your Gmail Tabs To The Way You Like – At long last you can make the tabs of your browser show the information you really want when it comes to Gmail!

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