Kmart has announced that are starting some Black Friday-type sales this Sunday, November 16th.

These sales are scheduled to last through the actual Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving in the USA, which is November 28th this year.  Some of the items you can find in this special sale that appeal to readers of this site include:

  • Pandigital 7.0 in. Digital Picture Frame, normally $79.99 on special for $49.99
  • Sylvania 19 in. (Diagonal) Class LCD Integrated 720p HDTV for $299.99
  • Nextar GPS Navigation System w/ 4.3 in. Diagonal Touch Screen Display, normally $179.99, on special for $119.99 and then an additional $20 mail-in rebate
  • Flip Video Ultra Series 60 minutes, normally $149.99 on special for $129.99

There are more deals than what is listed here, and you can find all of them by heading to their site.

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As we told you in the post “When To Purchase Electronics“, the electronics companies tend to drop their prices just before the holidays, and it looks like Microsoft is going down this familiar road with their popular Xbox 360 gaming platform.

Rumors are circulating everywhere that the Arcade pack, the cheapest of the Xbox 360 bundles, will be dropping in price to $199 with a larger focus on being a family friendly version of the system.  This is viewed to be a direct attack on Nintendo’s Wii system, but seeing as you still can’t find a Wii on a store’s shelves, it’s a bit one sided of a fight.

This drop is expected to happen in September, right in time for the key holiday shopping season, so it seems the usual theory of pending price drops is going to hold true.  Keep holding out on those major purchases, the price drops do appear to be on their way.

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iPod TouchThere is no doubt that Apple makes ridiculously cool products, but there is a definite art to knowing when to purchase them.

Almost as soon as any new Apple product is released, Apple fans begin the countdown to the next iteration of the product.  In the case of the iPod Touch, which was first released in September of 2007, it was almost a certainty we would see an updated version around the same time the following year.  The reason for this is that Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple, loves to launch new versions of the iPods just before the holiday shopping season,

The mild surprise this year seems to be that it looks like that not only the iPods will get updated, but from a letter leaked to AppleInsider, it looks like the Mac Books and Mac Book Pros will also be getting an update at the same time.  The letter informs resellers to expect inventory problems within the next week, which means Apple is clearing the decks for new models, and they should stock up with at least 4 weeks worth of inventory.  This puts us at early September… which for the past two years has been when Mr. Jobs has introduced new iPods.

If this sounds like a headache to play a guessing game, it can be, but it is also soemwhat predictable.  If you’re uncertain when a product came out, there is a very handy guide at that tells you the last time an Apple product was updated, and how imminent they think the next update is.  In short, I wouldn’t recommend buying any iPods or Mac Books right now.  September is the magic month for the new products in these lines.

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ShoppingThough online shopping is safe, is it right for your purchases?

This is a question people have been asking themselves since online shopping first came to the public conscience in the mid-1990′s.  The answer is both simple and complicated at the same time as it totally depends on the customer and the items they are attneding to purchase.

In a study released earlier this year by the Pew Research Center, consumers said they use online shopping mainly for research, but as a heavy online shopper myself, I tend to do the oppisite.  The reason for this is mainly that I do like to see if a computer mouse feels good to me, or if a new keyboard has the action I want, but other those styles of items, I do all of my shopping online without a second thought.  It saves time, usually money, and with rising gas prices, it saves you money in wasted gas drivign around to find that item you want or need.

Even if you do prefer to purchase things in person, the Internet is a well spring of information from manufacturers, professional reviews, consumer reviews and more, but do be careful of getting too deep into your research as you may become overwhelmed and never make your purchasing decision.

In short, there is some aspect of online shopping that fits every need, you just need to ask yourself what type of consumer you are to figure out what use it will have to you.

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