aviary-logoWhy ever pay for software again when services such as Aviary exist?

I’ve been a fan of Aviary for quite some time now, and while their offerings of free online image editing software has already been impressive, they just upped the ante again today with launching Myna, a free audio editor.  Aviary has been around for some time now, offering fully-featured versions of software online that you can use for free.  While they do offer a pro account (for a mere $24.99 a year), it is not essential to using the vast majority of the features the company offers in their various editing programs.

The new Myna is as impressive an audio editor as you could wish for, and actually offers more features than some paid for solutions we’ve seen out there.  You are able to record directly into the application, import files, select from pre-existing sample libraries,  add numerous effects, record on multiple tracks and a whole lot more.  The interface is simple, fairly self-explanatory, and easy to work with.  In short, if you ever need to edit some audio, like say a podcast, this might be the solution for you.

We’ve included the demo video below that just scratches the surface of what this new application has to offer.

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runmyerrandGot some spare time? Why not make money running an errand for someone else?

While many other news sources have focused on how the RunMyErrand site will allow you to pay people to do your errands for you, what about those people who sign up to run the errands?

The basic concept is simple enough: You have dry cleaning to pick up, but no time to do it, so you hire a “runner” from RunMyErrand to do it for you.  It doesn’t get much simpler than that, and you get your errands accomplished for typically between $7 and $15.

Well the errand runners are where this gets interesting.  You set up your runner account telling them about yourself such as when you are available, which ways you would like to run the errands, how you would like to receive the notifications, if you would be willing to submit to a background check and more.  One nice thing is you will have the chance to negotiate the price if you feel the offer is too low before you accept the errand, so you aren’t necessarily locked in to a low offer.

So far the service is only available in Boston, but is expected to roll out to 14 major cities around the United States in the not too distant future.  Honestly, I just returned from a vacation in Boston, and I think this may be the perfect city to test this in.  If you are in Boston proper, you can walk or bike just about anywhere, so picking up a few extra dollars running an errand for someone else isn’t that bad of an idea.  And on the flip side, as someone who is always busy, I’d be sorely tempted to hire people to run some errands for me.

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