podangoWhile cloud computing is something that is appealing and seductive, what do you do when your provider may be facing going out of business?

It was announced the other day that Podango, a popular podcast hosting service, may be going out of business.  They sent out a rushed letter to their customers to warn them that this may be happening, and that they had until December 31st to back up their data or face losing it forever.

While this is not exactly a case of cloud computing, it is still close.  You are hosting your data on a third-party service, and counting on them to deliver to the places it needs to go.  As someone who does a weekly podcast for my personal blog, SeanPAune.com, I keep a copy of each episode on my hard drive even after I upload it to my host, Libsyn.  While this may seem somewhat like defeating the concept of a hosting service, I view it as a reverse of backing up your files to an off-site storage facility.

Whenever you can, you should always have important files in two locations, and this is just yet another example of such a rule.

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