iPod TouchIt seems that the biggest competitor to the popular Apple iPhone may be… the Apple iPod Touch.

With the release of the Apple sales figures for the holiday period this week, it showed that iPods were up 3% over the same period last year, but iPhone sales were down from 6.9 million units in the third quarter, to 4.4 million in the fourth.  While that is still a respectable number of units to move, it didn’t meet expectations from Wall Street.

While Apple doesn’t break iPod sales figures down by the various units, web traffic for the mobile version of Safari, the built-in browser, tripled on Christmas day.  There was also a 100% increase in downloads from the App Store, that, again, serves both the iPhone and iPod Touch users. While these numbers aren’t concrete since we do not have explicit iPod Touch sales figures, it does leave one to wonder if this device is cannibalizing some of the sales from its bigger brother.

The iPod Touch is lacking two things that the iPhone offers: a built-in phone and an exclusive contract with AT&T.

The phone part has partially been solved by the second generation of Touches having the ability to use a microphone/headset combination.  Because of this new feature, you can now use various VoIP apps to make and receive phone calls with it whenever you are near an open Wi-Fi network.  That is one major hurdle overcome.

As for the AT&T contract, well, while iPhones may appear cheaper in the short term, when you add in the service plans they require you to buy to make your device work, the Touch is an absolute steal at $399 for the 32GB version.

We here at StarterTech are huge fans of the iPod Touch, even to the point that our very first post was about the device.  While we would love it even more if we had a fully functioning phone, and didn’t have to rely on Wi-Fi, we also are not big fans of AT&T service.  For now we carry our first generation Touches and BlackBerrys, and are quite happy we don’t need to deal with AT&T.  We are not alone in this feeling as it was also stated by CNet News.

The iPod Touch: everything great about the iPhone, minus AT&T.

That pretty much sums up how we feel too, and it also appears to be how a lot of consumers are beginning to also feel.

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Google has upgraded their syncing for the BlackBerry with the ability to merge your contacts between your phone and their system.

Up until now, Google Sync merely syncrohnized your calendar between Google and your BlackBerry, but as of the latest revision you can add your contact lists to that feature.  I downloaded it today, and my two lists are now merged on both my device and in my Google account.  The process is extremely easy, and takes only a few moments.

  • Point your phone’s browser to m.google.com/sync
  • Download Google Sync
  • The phone will need to reboot after this has downloaded
  • Open up Sync via your apps, tell it you want to add contacts, and it will then ask you for your login information for Google
  • Once that is done, the Sync will handle the rest, and you just have to be patient for the first sync to happen

I downloaded it on Thursday, and it worked perfectly with only one attempt.  If you don’t feel confident about entering the mobile address, simply visit the Google Sync page, enter your cell number, and they will text the link to you so you can just click on the link and go there directly.

All of this is free, so what are you waiting for?

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All of us here at StarterTech our Sprint users, and say what you will about them, we are very happy with our service with them… except in the house.

There is nothing more frustrating than having to leave your cell phone laying in the window in the hopes of getting one bar of signal strength.  If you get a call, it doesn’t really matter because as soon as you pick it up, you lose your bar.  Same for text messages.  Essentially our cells were useless in our house.  Now Sprint has released a new device called the Airave, and we are now enjoying five bars of signal strength through most of the house, with some odd corners getting two to three.

The device works by plugging into your broadband Internet connection via your router or switch.  It then locks on to GPS satellites to make sure you are in the United States, and then your calls, while in range, are routed via the Airave over your broadband connection.

The unfortunate thing, and one that is a bit perplexing is you have to pay for the device and a monthly fee for the service.  Considering you are doing this to boost their signal, using your own Internet connection, and trying to make sure you can continue to use their service, but yet they charge you for all of it.  I would have preferred to have seen the device free with a subscription, but I am so happy to finally use my phone in my house, I think I’ll live.

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The Application Store for the iPhone 3G and iPod Touch is quickly getting crowded with an overwhelming number of apps.  How do you begin picking them?  How do you know they will be worth the time it takes to download them, or the space they take up on your device?

AppVee is a new independent website that is aiming to provide you with unbiased reviews of the applications that are being released.  Thus far they are focusing on the free applications, but considering the number available, this could take them a while to get through.  They are first giving you their own rating, and a star rating based on a 5-star system, along with a video showing you the application in use.  Then they allow readers to add their own reviews, giving you a very true, real world review of how this application is performing.

While it is true Apple is allowing reviews also, it is nice to see an independent site building up a nice collection of reviews.  It has been rumored in the past that sometimes Apple will remove unfavorable reviews, so a third party voice is a very welcome addition to this ever growing sea of downloads.

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