norton online backupNorton has launched version 2.0 of its online backup tool.

We’ve talked before about how everyone should backup their data, and even what happens when you haven’t backed up yet, so we always take great interest when a new product launches, or an existing one receives an update.  Last week we got to sit down with Norton for a one-on-one walkthru of their new Online Backup 2.0 tool upgrade, and we have to say it definitely answers some issues that every modern family faces.

Some of the key upgrades in this new version include:

  • Cross-platform functionality for Windows and Mac computers  supports Microsoft XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Mac OS X (including Mac OS X 10.6, “Snow Leopard”)
  • Users can email any backed-up file via download links sent through the redesigned Web dashboard
  • 90-day file versioning saves previous versions of backed-up files for up to 90-days, so older versions can be easily retrieved
  • Advanced search allows  users to search for backed-up files by name, date, size and/or type of file
  • Open file backup stores the most current file, even if it’s open (especially important for email files)
  • File purge and storage management makes it easy for users to remove previously backed-up files in order to clear up available storage space
  • Additional new features include improvements to file migration, the automatic initial setup, user settings and a more intuitive redesign of the user interface

However, I will say those were the key points that Norton felt should be pointed out, the two that I was in love with was that you can use one license on up to five computers and you can also back up any mapped attached external hard drive or networked drive.

The average family now has 2.4 computers in the home, so the day of “one license per computer” is going to have to come to an end at some point.  Who can afford to buy a copy of every piece of software for every computer they own?  It just isn’t feasible.  With Norton Online Backup 2.0 you can use it on your Windows and Mac systems in your home, so if you have a desktop, a laptop, your spouses laptop and so on, you’re good to go.

The external drive option is one I have been dying for as I use USB attached drives extensively, but every backup option I’ve worked with has limited you to the main drive built into your computer, and that’s it.  This is a great boon to laptop users especially who tend to use external drives more and more.

The initial subscription is $49.99 per year for 25GB of storage (shared between all the computers on your account), with additional storage available for a fee.  Seems like the perfect Christmas gift for a family with a lot of computers to me.

northon 25gb

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