apple logoMacworld expo is this week, and as with any Apple event, there are sure to be announcements of exciting new products.

Each January Apple holds a conference called Macworld in San Francisco where the Macintosh faithful gather to talk with developers and see all of the new company and third-party products for their favorite computing system.  So what is on the agenda for this year?  Apple always play their cards close to the vest, but there are some hints to things we might see this year.


While the annual iPod announcements are usually made in September at a separate event, the iPhone was first introduced at Macworld 2006, so it isn’t inconveivable that we may hear some news about what to expect from the third iteration of the popular smartphone.  3G was considered a major hurdle, but that was introduced in the second version of the phone, so it is anyone’s guess what we might be seeing this time around.

There has been some speculation of an iPhone Nano, a smaller version of the phone, but that seems a bit out in left field as a true option.  How will you talk on an even smaller device let alone type on it?


There are numerous rumors running around that the iMacs will receive updated chipsets, and this could be announced at Macworld.  Will it be a huge update?  Doubtful, but there will probably still be some sort of tweaking to the all-in-one computing solution.

iWork & iMovie

The Apple office suite is rumored to be moving to a cloud computing version.  This would be a direct attack on Google Documents, and would also bring them in to line with Microsoft’s latest movements with Office.  There is also some talk of iMovie, Apple’s popular video editing program going into a cloud computing version of some type, but this seems to be a little less certain than the iWork rumor.

Mac Mini

The entry level Mac hasn’t been updated since August 7, 2007, and it seems to be a foregone conclusion that it will be seeing a new version at the expo.  Rumors have circulated that it will receive a new form factor that will make it look more like the current iMacs, but there is also word circulating that there may be a new option that will allow you to purchase it without an optical drive.  Will this actually save you money?  That remains to be seen, but the previous versions ran $599 and $799, and if those prices dropped, you could almost certainly see Apple’s market share of the home computing market rise.


Is any of this a certainty?  Of course not, this is Apple after all.  At best these are educated guesses based on rumors and past trends of the company.  All of the news will come out on Monday, and we will be sure to update you as soon as possible with all of the news.

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