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StarterTech.com was created with the idea of putting technology, both online and off, in to the simplest terms possible so that anyone can understand it.  It can be frustrating to not only find where to go to ask a question, but then actually get an answer can be even worse.

This site was conceived out of one families frustrations with one another as they would try to explain technology to each other.  So never feel bad if you are having a similar problem in your home, and if there is something you would like us to cover that we haven’t, then make sure to drop us a note about it.

Rosemary Aune – Owner of AnimeUSA, Rosemary is the instigator of this site after getting frustrated by the lack of easy to understand information out there on the Web for technology neophytes.  She wanted a site that was written in such a manner that even her husband, Keith Aune, could understand it, i.e. anyone.

Sean Aune – Sean runs his own blog at SeanPAune.com as well as blogging profesionally for multiple technology blogs.  He writes the majority of the articles around here as he lives, eats and breathes technology.

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