After ages of discussions and rumors, Mozilla has at long last launched the first mobile version of the Firefox Web browser for mobile phones.

Mozilla has announced that the first version of Firfox for mobile phones is ready to launch.  So far the browser is only available for Nokia phones running the Maemo platform, specifically the N900, but more phones are planned for this year.  (don’t get your hopes up for iPhones folks, because there is no way it’s going to happen.)

One of the most interesting aspects of this version is that even on a browser screen of this size, Mozilla found a way to retain tabbed browsing.  The tabs are kept on a slide-out screen on the side, so they are hidden when not in use, and you only bring them out when you ned to see them.

Firefox is well0known for its multitude of extensions that allow it to do a multitude of things it isn’t built to do originally.  How many you can install depends on the amount of memory of your phone, and how well they will run on limited memory remains to be seen.

At long last, a true use for Mozilla Weave has been included.  Save a browsing session on your computer, and thanks to Weave you can reopen it on your cell phone.  Looked up information on a theater you want to go to?  Now you can bring that information with you easily.

Here is a video explaining some of the features in more detail.

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