Are you with COCO?

An image that says “I’m With COCO” is quickly over taking Facebook, and in case you don’t know what it’s about, it is an image to show your support for Conan O’Brien in his current dispute with NBC over the announcement his time slot would be given to Jay Leno.  (You can click the image to the right for a full-sized version of it that you can use as you see fit)

The online movement to express displeasure with NBC over the company’s treatment of the recently installed host of The Tonight Show has been an interesting study in the power of social media.  Most online polls are showing 83% of respondents back Conan O’Brien in all of this craziness, and the online movement only seems to be picking up momentum to the point that NBC is going to have no choice but to actually pay attention to it.

It is by no means the most important story in the world right now, but it is an interesting example of how social media can so rapidly react to a rapidly developing story.  With each new bit of info, the news is spreading rapidly and O’Brien fans are reacting quickly to how thet best help the late night host they have opted to back.

So, if you’re on the team, check out the original I’m With COCO page and show your support for the man with the funny hair.

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