gmail logoAt long last, Gmail has gotten push technology for iPhone, Windows Mobile, and S60 devices!

Before you go off scratching your head if you haven’t heard of push.  Imagine that currently on your iPhone it uses “pull” technology which has to send a message to your Gmail account to check for messages.  This can be a slow process, and depending on how long of a time interval you have your email set for, this can take quite a while, and is honestly pretty archaic.

Now, with “push” technology, the Gmail account know to send the email on to your device as soon as it receives it, so as soon as you open your inbox on your device, the email is sitting there waiting for, sometimes within seconds of when your inbox got it.  This is a far more efficient way to deal with your email on your device and can be a huge time saver.

All of this is being done via Google Sync, a product Google introduced earlier this year that allows you to synchronize your contacts and calendar between your phone and account.  If you already have that product installed, all you have to do is change some settings and your email will sync also now.  You can learn how to do all of this by visiting the link.

gmail push cartoon

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  1. Dewitt Aubuchon
    September 18th, 2016 at 12:31 am #

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