1 billion firefox downloadsAccording to Mozilla, Firefox is about to cross the one billion downloads mark.

Launched in 2002, Mozilla’s browsers went through a few different names, and finally becaome Firefox oficially in 2005.  The number obviously represents total downloads and not unique users.  Heck, I alone have probably downloaded 30 or more copies of those one billion.

If you want to watch this milestone happen you can follow TwitterCounter on Twitter to watch the number grow.  After they pass the number you can head to OneBillionPlusYou.com for a retrospective of the browser ans other information.

While this number may be small compared to Internet Explorer, you have to remember that you have to choose to download Firefox, so this is one billion download decisions.  Kudos to them on this amazing achievement.

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  1. Chanade
    November 24th, 2014 at 7:53 am #

    When I first started syuitdng Latin, I wondered about the order too. It seemed to me that Nom. Acc. would make the most sense. In my mind, Nom. Voc. would have been just as bad. The vocative is only different in the 2nd declension, why give it such a prominent place? Anyways, after learning more, I realized how much I like having Genitive in the 2nd position, since that is the other part that allows you to know what declension the noun is a part of.

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