Internet Explorer logoWhy won’t Internet Explorer 6 just die and go away?

This was the question engineers at Digg were asking themselves recently as they have to spend a considerable amount of time making sure the site works for the 5% of their traffic that still uses the 8-year-old browser.  IE6 has become the thorn in the side of web designers everywhere because it handles coding differently than just about any browser out there, but since no site ever wants to just shut out visitors, every site still has to work towards making sure it works.  (Although, oddly, many sites seem to have no issue with making it work only in Internet Explorer, and locking out Firefox users…)

So, Digg turned to its users to discover why they continue to use such a badly outdated brower:

digg ie6 usage

Digg has actually contemplated locking IE6 users out of certain features, but no final decision has been made yet.  You almost have to wonder if it wouldn’t be a good thing if major sites started ignoring this blight on the browser landscape.  The problem is that as long as it continues to be supported, web design and accessibility will continue to be hindered due to that browsers inability to handle the latest advances in coding.

Just looking at our own numbers here at StarterTech, 3% of our visitors are still using IE6, and while we have written before about the reasons to stop using Internet Explorer 6, those folks are still out there.  While obviously some of you can’t change which browser you use, if you do have the option, please, PLEASE change your browser to something a bit more current.

Won’t you please help the sanity of designers and site owners?

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  1. Leonid S. Knyshov
    July 13th, 2009 at 12:28 am #

    Well, here is one solution (Portable Firefox) that allows running an alternate browser without administrative rights.

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