windows 7It seems some people at Microsoft are starting to get the idea that Vista was a bad idea.

Okay, it’s not quite that dramatic, but, according to Computer World,  Bill Veghte, Microsoft’s senior vice president for Windows business, made a keynote speech this week, and said the following.

If you’re just starting your testing of Vista, with the [Windows 7] Release Candidate and the quality of that offering, I would switch over and do your testing on the [Windows 7] Release Candidate, and use that going forward.

Well, yes, if your company is just starting to test Vista, then you need to pick up a technical journal once in a while and realize that Windows 7 is in heavy testing at this stage.  The new version is expected to make it into consumer level PCs this fall, so enterprise desployment would probably start in late 2010 or early 2011, and with Windows XP support having been extended to April 2014, this would give them plenty of time to do a full roll out in a company.

However, there is one small problem with this entire idea in that apparently you can not upgrade directly from Windows XP to Windows 7.  The upgrade appears to only work from Windows Vista to Windows 7, so companies that are still filled with Windows XP machines… good luck on figuring out that workaround.  I would imagine they can just wipe the systems and start over, but then you have questions about hardware configurations.

This is where my personal gripe with the whole Microsoft plan comes in.  There is a reason Apple just keeps extending Mac OS X: it works.  The same could be said for Windows XP, even with its numerous bugs, those could have been ironed out and they could have sold incremental updates, just like Apple has done with great success.  However, Microsoft doesn’t always like to make sense it would seem.  Why sell just a small update when you can sell a whole new operating system and cause headaches for consumers at all levels?  Yeah, that’s some bright thinking there!

As much as I don’t want to hate Microsoft, they just keep doing stupid thing after stupid thing.  Yes, Windows 7 may be more stable than Vista, but isn’t that kind of like saying “Well this boat leaks… less.  It still leaks, just… less.”

Any way you slice it, all PC users will eventually be forced into Windows 7, just some of us will have been lucky enough to have skipped Vista.

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