appsApplications has been the hot word for awhile now, but how do you know when you finally have enough of them?

While applications have existed for a long time for various computer and mobile phone platforms, they didn’t really get all that much attention until the iPhone added support for third party produced apps.  The iTunes store now has over 20,000 different applications available, and they have been downloaded over 500 million times.  While it is obviously tempting to keep downloading the seemlessly never-ending stream of free applications that come out, you have to finally draw the line somewhere.

Pictured in this post is page 2 of my 5 pages of apps on my iPod Touch.  I am a music junkie, and as you can see, I have 9 apps installed just to feed my music additiction.  Besides this, I’ve got 2 apps for Twitter, 4 apps for weather forecasting, 3 for instant messaging, basically I am pushing the limits of what makes sense to have.  And while these apps are small, each of them is taking up space on my device.  The same goes for my BlackBerry, I downloaded several apps that I don’t think I’ve even looked at a second time after the initial install.

While these not only take up space, they also take up usable memory while your device is running.  Basically, while the apps may be free, you are paying a price in storage and possible lag time in your devices response time by just having too many items running.  Essentially you just need to think before you install, “Do I really need this?  Is this truly going to improve my experience on this device?”  True you can always delete later, but why go through the hassle if you think you might.

Just remember, the more apps, the slower your device may run.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I need to delete some apps.

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