google gearsWhat exactly is Gears, and why is it something you need?

Originally named Google Gears, Gears  is a small bit of open source software launched on May 31st, 2007 by Google that enables Firefox and Internet Explorer to run small pieces of code that improve your Web browsing experience.  In some instances, as with the recent announcement of using Gmail offline, Gears will allow you to do some things on your computer without an Internet connection that used to be online only activities.  It can also be used to speed up certain activities that you do online such as it to cache images used by WordPress in the administration section to speed up page loading times, and decreasing the strain on your server.

Though the software is closing in on its second birthday, it seemed to go relatively unnotice until just the last few months of 2008.  While the name has been mentioned numerous times, and what potential it had, no one seemed to be using it in their everyday lives.  In just the past week, I have added two new systems to it that I use every day, so maybe it is time for Gears to finally bust out of being a niche product into a part of the average Web user’s life.

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