windows 7Could the August 1st cut-off date of the Windows 7 beta be a clue as to when Microsoft plans to launch the final product?

While the rumor of a fall 2009 release for Windows 7 has been heralded by some, and scoffed at by others, the idea has picked up some more steam since Alexander Wolfe of Information Week decided this truly may be a clue.

even a Clouseau-like analysis (the Peter Sellers version, not Steve Martin) of that August 1st beta shut-off date leads one to the realization that Microsoft is probably planning to release the final version around that time. I’d say we can expect to see Windows 7 ship around back-to-school time.

I Think Mr. Wolfe has the right idea.  Seeing as the beta shuts down on August 1st, this means either you will have to roll back to an older version of Windows, a slim chance of going for a Beta 2 version, or, and this seems the more likely scenario, be told you can now go out and purchase the full version.

While there is nothing concrete to back this up as of yet, it is certainly something to keep in mind if you ware in the market for a new computer over the next eight months.  Can you squeeze by until the all new operating system comes out?  And would you even want to buy it when it first launches due to potential problems.  Only time will tell the answers to thse questions, but be sure to keep your ear to the ground, or your browser pointed here, to find out what the final result is.

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