startertech old newIt isn’t only the calendar that is changing today, but StarterTech also just got a big old coat of fresh paint!

It’s hard to believe that we only launched this site on April 12th of 2008, it seems like a lot longer with all of the news, information and how-tos we have brought you so far, but it’s true.  Even though the site isn’t yet a year old, we felt that the beginning of 2009 was the perfect time to re-design the site, and thanks to the folks at Blog Design Studio, they delivered our brand new look right on time to us this morning!

We went with a much more “open” design to make it easier to read, and we also added some new features.


We have added the Intense Debate commenting system to the site allowing you to better follow comments, reply to people directly and, if you register with their site, you can build a reputation that follows you to every site that uses their system.  You can also subscribe to an RSS feed of a posts comments if you would like to continue following the discussion.

Share This

share thisWe have added the Share This button at the bottom of each post as opposed the old system that only had four social bookmarking buttons.  If you are unfamiliar with this button, you can read more about it here on the site in What Is Share This, but if you click on it, it is pretty self explanatory.  This will also allow you to finally email articles to other people you may know who would enjoy something we have posted.


You will now find the categories area is much easier read and to navigate.  Simply click on the one that interests you, such as What Is, and you will see all the posts we have done in our What Is series.

You will also find our most recent articles and comments there for easier browsing.

What’s Ahead In 2009

We feel this new design better reflects where we plan to go in 2009.  The old design was an “off the shelf” design that allowed us to get started, but now that we have a unique and origianl design, we feel it better communicates what we are as a site.  We want to bring technology to the masses in an easy and understandble manner that is accessible to all.

If you have any suggestions and or comments, please feel free to leave them on this post.  And don’t forget to subscribe to our RSS feed to follow us through the new year!

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