While everyone knows the name Google, it’s sometimes hard getting a handle on all of their different products and what exactly they do.

Case in point, I have long been familiar with the fact that Google Desktop had the ability to search your hard drive for files just like their search engine searches the Web. What I wasn’t aware of was that it can also be used as a sidebar home for gadgets.

I only figured this out yesterday when the Gmail Blog announced that you could now have your mailbox present in the widgets.  I immediately installed the sidebar and even I am amazed with all of the gadgets you can install that will free up other parts of your desktop.  Some of them are just for fun, some you don’t really need, but when you work on the Internet full time, they do make it more enjoyable.

Pictured at right is my current sidebar on my desktop, and as you can see, I am able to play all of the BBC Radio stations, check my email, monitor what is happening on my computer, check the weather, clip items from the web and, probably one of the most valuable items to me, have a scratch pad to jot down quick notes.  There are hundreds of other items you can install to customize your sidebar as you see fit and make it as productive as you like to suit your needs.

So, why would you want to have your Gmail outside of the browser?  Well, it’s one less tab to deal with in your browser, it’s always at the ready and it stays more out of your way.

This isn’t to say that the sidebar doesn’t have its own quirks.  Though I have it set to always hide itself behind whatever window I am working on, I lost count of how many times today it would just randomly appear on my screen, especially when using the slider bar in a web browser.  Not sure what caused that, but I am sure I will learn how to avoid it.

Overall I am very taken with it so far, and I can see it becoming an essential part of my day.  I do like the fact it doesn’t seem to consume many system resources to run.  I know it looks like I am using a lot of memory, but I also had eight active programs running when I took the image.

Since I am a late comer to this service somehow, what gadgets do you find the most useful and essential to your experience with it?

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    September 18th, 2016 at 12:33 am #

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