Some intrepid iPhone lover has figured out how to hook up an external keyboard to his beloved phone.

At this time this is most assuredly for people who have hacked (more commonly known as “jailbreaking”) their iPhone, and then the added problem is that it does not currently work with any applications.  This does show it is possible, and it also shows that it is desired by fans of the phone.

As I have mentioned before, I use an iPod Touch, and while the onscreen keyboard is servicable, it is not something I relish using when I have to type out an email reply to someone.  Considering how Apple has touted the iPhone/iPod Touch as mini computers, it has been surprising to me we haven’t seen some sort of physical keyboard come out for the device.  Once Apple does that, you will see sales of both devices surge even higher than they already have as more mobile people adopt them over their laptops. hints that we may see some items in 2009, but it can’t come soon enough for me.

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  1. Hacked Keyboard Added To An iPhone

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