Ever wanted to control your thermostat from any computer in the world? Well, now you can.

The popular site Ars Technica brought this to our attention a few days ago, and it was just too cool not to research more on our own.  The Ecobee thermostat features a nice touchscreen interface that is easy to read and use, but the true uniuqeness comes in the fact it can also talk to your Wi-Fi network.

Why in the world would you want your thermostat connected to the Internet?  Well, once you buy the Ecobee, you register it with the company and you get a personalized web portal to log into and you can change any of the settings just as if you were standing in front of the physical control.  You can set dates you’ll be on vacation, turned on preset “QuickSave” settings and more.  Imagine an iPhone app for this and it really would be like you were living in the future.

If you wonder why this is noteworthy, think about the implications for what else you could be controlling in the future if something like this takes off.  You could turn your lights on and off while on vacation.  Leave the house and forget to turn off the stove?  We are slowly creeping towards everything in the home using Wi-Fi to give you on the go control, and if you add in cell phone applications, you could be coming home to a house that has turned on the lights and drawn your bath for you.  Sure it may have taken longer than futurists envisioned, but the remote controlled house seems to be inching towards reality.

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