What is ShareThis, and how can it help you let others know about the things you find interesting on the web?

ShareThis is a green button you sometimes run across on the web (pictures to the right) that has a three point white symbol on it.  When you click on it, it will expand to give you choices of various ways you can share the web page you are on with other people around the web.  We’ll explain each of these pages to you and how they work.

The first screen will bring up logos of various social networking and social bookmarking sites.  Once you click on one of them, it will take you to that site and bring all the information about the page you were on with you.  This will save you having to go back and copy and paste all of the information on your own.

When you click on the”Post” tab, it will give you links to various places where you can blog about the page you were on, once again bringing all of the information with you so you don’t haveto worry about typing it all up yourself.

The last tab is the email tab and will allow you to send emails directly to those people you especially will appreciate whatever kind of site you’re on.

Now, not allsites have this installed, for those who want to have constant access ot a tool such as this, you can also install their web browser plugin button so that you can use it any time they feel like.  While not an essential tool, it is nice to have when you want to let someone know about a site you’ve found.

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