All of us here at StarterTech our Sprint users, and say what you will about them, we are very happy with our service with them… except in the house.

There is nothing more frustrating than having to leave your cell phone laying in the window in the hopes of getting one bar of signal strength.  If you get a call, it doesn’t really matter because as soon as you pick it up, you lose your bar.  Same for text messages.  Essentially our cells were useless in our house.  Now Sprint has released a new device called the Airave, and we are now enjoying five bars of signal strength through most of the house, with some odd corners getting two to three.

The device works by plugging into your broadband Internet connection via your router or switch.  It then locks on to GPS satellites to make sure you are in the United States, and then your calls, while in range, are routed via the Airave over your broadband connection.

The unfortunate thing, and one that is a bit perplexing is you have to pay for the device and a monthly fee for the service.  Considering you are doing this to boost their signal, using your own Internet connection, and trying to make sure you can continue to use their service, but yet they charge you for all of it.  I would have preferred to have seen the device free with a subscription, but I am so happy to finally use my phone in my house, I think I’ll live.

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