The Application Store for the iPhone 3G and iPod Touch is quickly getting crowded with an overwhelming number of apps.  How do you begin picking them?  How do you know they will be worth the time it takes to download them, or the space they take up on your device?

AppVee is a new independent website that is aiming to provide you with unbiased reviews of the applications that are being released.  Thus far they are focusing on the free applications, but considering the number available, this could take them a while to get through.  They are first giving you their own rating, and a star rating based on a 5-star system, along with a video showing you the application in use.  Then they allow readers to add their own reviews, giving you a very true, real world review of how this application is performing.

While it is true Apple is allowing reviews also, it is nice to see an independent site building up a nice collection of reviews.  It has been rumored in the past that sometimes Apple will remove unfavorable reviews, so a third party voice is a very welcome addition to this ever growing sea of downloads.

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  1. Clarence Gossling
    September 18th, 2016 at 12:33 am #

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