Better known as “Phishing”, scam emails are ones that are made to fool you into think they are official correspondence, but in reality they are an effort to steal your personal information.

Macworld is reporting on a new MobileMe phishing scam that is startiling in just how good it is.  Pictured to the right here, this scam provides legitimate links that take you to official pages if you click on any but the “clicking here” one at the bottom that wiil take you to a page owned by someone in Romania.  As you can see, these scam emails can be amazingly realistic in their attempts to get your information, but they almost always go with the tact that something has gone wrong with your account and they try to panic you that you may lose service.

My easy rule of thumb at any time I am the least bit suspicious is to just go to the website of the service in question, log in on the page I know is real, and check out my account via the official page.  If all else fails, I call the company service number and check on it that way.  The rule you should always follow is that you should never click on links in emails, but especially if they are asking for any sort of information related to your finances or your identity.

If you have the least bit of doubt, never click a link, and never, ever give out your personal information if you have the slightest bit of worry.

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