For a long time the idea of a networked printer was something people only thought was possible in their corporate offices, but advances in technology have made them available to anyone now.

In the old days, if you wanted to make a printer available to your entire home network, you had to buy a separate piece of hardware called a “print server”.  You would plug your printer into this device, and then the device into your router or switch to make it available to everyone.

As time has gone on, and networking equipment has come down, the print server has been built into the printers themselves.  The former separate hardware would run you between $79 and $99, but now there are printers with it included for as low as $79, making it accessible to everyone.

The only things you need to do now are plug an ethernet cable into the printer, the other part into your switch or router, and then install the printers driver software on each computer will use it.  Depending on the number of computers you have in the home, you can easily hace one printer working for every computer in your home in well under an hour.  Gone are the days where everyone had to have their own printer, and I for one couldn’t be happier about that.

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