We’ve talked briefly before about the importance of keeping your software up to date, but this is so important, it deserved it’s own post.

Software updates can be minor fixes, but sometimes they can be extremely important secuirty updates, and those are the ones you have to be most mindful of.  Once a security hole has been identified, and a patch released, it becomes even more dangerous for you to have the older version becauase that means even more people know about the potential problem than ever before.

While some software packages, such as Windows, will tell you when you need to update, there are others that it is far quicker to check for yourself, such as Firefox.

The problem is that sometimes these updates will also change the physical appearance of the program, or some functionalities.  While these may be annoying, they are just a price we have to pay to make sure our systems remain safe.  While it may not always be the most desirable response, it’s either accept that, or possibly have your entire system corrupted.

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