warrantiesSean recently wrote why he was against the majority of extended warranties, but now it’s my time to argue for them.

I just recently read an article regarding extended warranties and why you shouldn’t buy them. The article actually pointed out the idea of planned obsolescence and its negating the worth of such extended plans. On the whole I agree with that theory but recent events in my life have proven to me that such plans do indeed have merit.

Now I know you think this blog is just about techie things like computers and such but in my vision it is really to help all of us benefit from anyone of our experiences in this world regarding things that hum, run or befuddle us. Take my refrigerator—please. I researched this purchase for months and finally bought a favorite brand. Great—no. It freezes everything and because I did not get an extended warranty I am subject to the phrase ‘Well, as a courtesy’ Courtesy my foot. It is a poorly designed unit and you know it or you would not have a ‘fix’ available for the problem. I have had five repair calls and two ‘fix’ plans and it is not fixed. Now it is time for them to step up and give me a new refrigerator because the time for ‘courtesy’ has passed.

Will they do it? I don’t know but I am ready for the phrase I have heard after every call “Do you have an extended warranty?’ I really shouldn’t matter if the item is poorly designed but evidently it does. I paid a lot of money for this impersonator of a fridge. The extended warranty was only $89.00 for three years –not bad. Or I could have paid for it with American Express and had the first warranty doubled for free. I am now paying for almost everything with my Am Ex card. But if you don’t have an Am Ex what do you do? Save all paper work and get ready for a fight.

And then there is Apple. We happened to have an opportunity to purchase a barely used iPod Touch and upon adding an application the thing went wonky. I know that is not a tech term but when you realize that even their engineering department was stumped wonky it is!! Their customer service has been exemplary. We have even had progress reports on their research of the problem. No ‘as a courtesy’ bs—just good customer service. So in light of this great customer service should we have bought an extended warranty? My thought is yes. Even though Apple is proving themselves to be a good corporate giant things do go wrong and with a unit that has already gone wonky I would feel better if I had an extended warranty.

To take the problem of extended or no to its most base level I feel you have to look at not only original price of the item but also its importance to you. I need a working fridge—it is a cornerstone of my kitchen and yes it was expensive. On the not too expensive side was the Touch and yes I need that too—it is the basis of my road warrior organization. If you find that you can’t accept the idea of planned obsolescence as I can’t then I suggest extended warranties are the plan for you.

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