Domain NamesWe’ve already discussed How To Pick A Domain Name, but now that you’ve picked one, how do you buy it?

First off, let me just say that it is nowhere as scary as it may sound to most people.  It can be a little confusing the first time through, but so long as you read all of the instructions, you should be fine.

First you need to choose a registar to work with.  While most webhosts will provide you with registration options, I don’t always like that idea because web hosts have a tendency to go out of business and disappear, and that could leave you with a lot of headaches.  So for me, I prefer going with a company that has a heavy focus on domain registration as the main focus of their business.

A lot of people choose to go with GoDaddy due to their pricing, but my personal choice is Network Solutions.  They tend to be a bit higher priced, but they have been around for as long as I can remember, always reliable, and are easy to work with.  The only drawback to them is that they will try to sell you a ton of over priced add-on services as you go through the registration process, and I say just skip them all.  You can get all of these same services for far cheaper at other locations, but they are very reliable for maintaining your domain name.

Now, a lot of people think they can’t have their domain name some place other than where their website is actually hosted, and that’s not true.  Each web host is different, so you will need to ask them for help, but you can easily have your site hosted by company x, and your domain with company y, just so long as your point the Domain Name Servers (DNS) to the place where your files are stored, and like I said, your webhost will give you their instructions on how to do this since every one is a bit different.

The other thing you can always do if you don’t have a web site built yet is to just go ahead and buy the domain name so you have it locked in.  I currently own around 10 domain names that I plan to work with, but I simply haven’t had the time yet.  The rule of thumb though is if you find a name you want to use, you have to buy it as quickly as possible so no one else might swoop in and purchase it after you’ve done all of your work with that name in mind.

So, what else do you want to know about domain names?  let us know in the comments!

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