RSS LogoWhat is this symbol that you see on blogs all the time, and what does it do? This is the accepted symbol that indicates where you need to click to subscribe to a website’s Real Simple Synication (RSS) feed.

In the old days of blogging, you had to go to your favorite blogs and check them, sometimes multiple times a day, to see if they had added new content to their site. In 1999, the first version of RSS appeared, changing the way people accessed their favorite blog information forever. Instead of having to go to the site to see the newest info, you could now have it delivered to an RSS reader, such as Google Reader, as soon as a new article is published. With the content being delivered to you, you could now keep up with far more blogs than ever before, in much less time than it used to take to check just a few.

Now, anytime you see the symbol shown here to the right, it means the site offers a feed that you can subscribe to and have it added to your reader. Why not subscribe to our feed right now and be guaranteed of getting all of our future tips? This is also a good time to learn about it as May 1st Is RSS Awareness Day, where blogs all across the Internet will take time that day to discuss the merits and benefits of what RSS can do for you as a user.

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  1. Myesha Higgens
    September 18th, 2016 at 12:33 am #

    useful businesses


  1. RSS Awareness Day :

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